Grant Program

Make a Difference Fishing Tournament is pleased to announce our grant program. This program is designed to provide funding for specialized equipment, therapies, schooling and other assistance to children with disabilities and their families.

Application Process

For individuals and families, there is a one-page application form. Organizations are required to provide more information. The application forms provide more specific details of what is required to apply for a grant. There are four grant periods each year. The deadline to receive applications are February 1, May1, August 1 and November 1.  All applications received by the deadline will be reviewed by the Grant Committee. The Grant Committee will bring the accepted applications to the Make a Difference Fishing Tournament Board of Directors for final review. Individuals and organizations that are approved for the grants will be notified after the Board of Directors meeting.

How to Apply for a Grant

Fill out the application or download our grant brochure for more information. 

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